We are Struts & Frets Theatre Company and we're so happy to welcome you to our

little corner of the internet!


Struts & Frets began in the summer of 2016 with fifteen people, three days, and one crazy passion project. That summer, we produced a reading of William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night with three rehearsals (none of which all members of the company were present) and once the performance rolled around, about twenty people came. We were amazed anyone even drove all the way out to our performance venue. Believe us, it was way, way, way, way out of town. We made no money, slept little, but were on fire for the next summer.

Cut to 2017 and two new members joined the production team. With the added brain power and extra  hands, we fared much better that season than the one before. Our title that summer was As You Like It. With this production, we saw a significant growth in the company's following, but we were also able to hone our vision of community involvement and creating opportunities for young artists.


The 2018 summer season was a wild one! We produced Cymbeline, we moved indoors, partnered with Eola Hills Wine Cellars and the company grew much bigger very quickly. 2019 moved along in a similar fashion. That yea, we produced two productions for the first time. The first was a reading of Bill Cain's Equivocation. The second was a production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. With each year, our community outreach steadily increases, bringing Shakespeare to more and more people!


We cannot wait for what next year will bring!

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